Inclement Weather & Trails

Weekly Rides, Weather & Trails

We have weekly rides because we want everyone to have a good time and get out and ride! That being said, we want to be kind to the trails and keep everyone safe too. This means paying attention to the weather, especially during the summer months.

Weekly rides will be cancelled if there is lightning within 10 miles of the parking lot/ meeting place at the start of the ride.

The beginner ride at Carvins Cove will be modified based on trail conditions. The “lowers” at the cove are the most susceptible to damage when there has been a lot of recent rain.

Modifications could include skills practice on the Bennett Springs loop or riding the fire road for fitness and are at the discretion of the ride leader.

The intermediate ride will continue if there is a light rain. Drenching rain will result in cancellation.

Notifications, updates and modifications for all rides can be found at the Meet-Up Group page and on the chapter’s Facebook page.

Thank you for your understanding!

More info about outdoor safety in the South from the USFS can be found here