Rock and Roll Trail work 6-15

We Owe Them a Beer

Better yet…. give up one ride a season and give a helping hand These men and women have all given more than 8 hours of their time to help build Rock and Roll Trail at Carvins Cove. Find a schedule of Carvins Cove work days on the Pathfinders website here,  join their mailing list to Read more…

carvins cove trailwork

Carvins Cove Trailwork

Rock & Roll Trail Trees don’t like to have dirt piled against their trunks plus it looks bad.The dirt weakens and rots the bark providing easy access for insects which can damage the tree. We put shoe rocks ( sort of like shoe molding but with rocks) around trees at places where the tread is Read more…

T-Shirts for Trail Volunteers

T-Shirts are now ready for Trail Volunteers Volunteers who have worked 30 hours or more will get a T-shirt paid for by Roanoke IMBA! Volunteers who have worked 15-29 hours are eligible to buy a T-shirt at $11.95 each. Volunteers who have worked 8-14 hours are eligible to buy a T-shirt for $17.95. Multiple colors Read more…

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Follow Blogs with an RSS Feed?     You Can Add Roanoke IMBA to your RSS feed and never miss important info about what’s going on with YOUR chapter! It’s easy to miss posts from us on Facebook or Instagram. Facebook only “serves” our content to 3 or 5% of the people who have actually “liked” Read more…

Carvins Cove Bathroom Steel Pint Cups Fundraiser

Pick up a Steel Pint for Christmas

Missed the steel pints at GoFest?? Need Christmas gifts?? Give and give back–help raise money for bathrooms at Carvins Cove and pick up a RIMBA steel pint glass for your loved ones! Available at Roanoke Mountain Adventures!

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“What do you want for Christmas?”  How often to you deflect that question from family?  And now that we are adults we certainly don’t make Christmas lists anymore. Instead of saying, “nothing” or “whatever” consider asking for the gift of membership.  An IMBA membership makes an affordable gift that has tremendous meaning. That $35 has Read more…